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by posted 03/16/2023
2023 Spring Registration is NOW OPEN!

Limited Space Remains!

The 2023 Registration is now open for the In- House Spring / Summer Season.

Please note a change in birthdate requirements for registration below. 

Registration limited at select levels!


Registration Fee

Early Bird Discount (thru Dec. 31)

Volunteer Fee

Raffle Fee

Shetland $165 ($20) $50 $50
Morgan $165 ($20) $50 $50
Pinto $190 ($20) $50 $50
Mustang $210 ($20) $50 $50
Bronco $235 ($30) $50 $50
Pony $245 ($30) $50 $50
Colt $275   $50 $50
Palomino $275   $50 $50


In accordance with PONY Baseball and our surrounding communities, Frankfort Baseball has implemented the new April 30th birthdate cutoff for baseball registration (instead of the August 31st birthdate we previously used). This change will only affect those with May/June/July/August birthdays.  What does this mean?  It means that those kids born in May, June, July and August can continue to play in the league they were in last year.  If this change has affected the league your child is eligible to play in, and you’d like to request for them to “play up”, please send the request to the Director of Player Personnel, Matt Littlefield.  In your email request, please include your child's full name, birthdate, school grade, requested play up or down division level, and reason(s) for wanting the change to be made.

For any additional questions regarding the cutoff date change, please contact the President of Frankfort Baseball, Brad Baker, .


Below is a brief description of the different divisions we offer within Frankfort Baseball. Frankfort Baseball offers a baseball program designed to provide the opportunity for our players to build their skills in a fun, yet competitive environment.  Generally, practices begin in April and games begin in May and end by July 1st. Teams are assigned in March. Managers will contact players when practices begin in early spring. Frankfort Baseball provides a hat, jersey and socks to players in Shetland, Morgan, Pinto, Mustang and Bronco leagues. Players are responsible for baseball pants and cleats.  Please wait until you are assigned a team before purchasing your pants.  

Click here to register now!


The Shetland Division is for players that are 4 or 5 years old as of 08/31/2023. The Shetland division is a T-ball division.  Coach pitch is introduced half way through the season.  At this level players are introduced to the very basics of baseball. This league does not keep score or record outs and uses a continuous batting order where every player bats every inning. A softer safety baseball is used.

The Morgan Division is for players that are 6 years old as of 04/30/2023. At this level players continue their basic skill development in an instructional format, where coaches pitch to the players for the first half of the season and players pitch the second half.  Rules are modified for the youngsters to incorporate fun with player development appropriate for this age group. A softer safety baseball is used.

The Pinto Division is for players that are 7 or 8 years old as of 04/30/2023. At this level players are exposed to more facets of the game of baseball, including pitching, walks, extra-base hits and use of a regulation baseball. There are some Rules that are modified for the youngsters to incorporate fun with player development appropriate for this age group.
The Mustang Division is for players that are 9 or 10 as of 04/30/2023. The Mustang Division players make a big step towards a more complete level of baseball. It is a competitive division, where umpires call the game and scores and league standings are kept. Stealing is allowed only after the pitch has reached the batter. Games are pitched entirely by the players.
The Bronco Division is for players that are 11 or 12 as of 04/30/2023. The Bronco Division is where you begin to play more competitive baseball and follow the rules of Major League Baseball closely. Players are allowed to lead-off and steal from all bases, and the diamond is now 70 feet. Managers have the opportunity to execute the finer tactics of advanced baseball.
The Pony Division is for players that are 13 or 14 as of 04/30/2023. The Pony Division is a competitive division best characterized by fewer players, fewer teams, and bigger fields. By now the players should have an understanding of the rules of the game and acquired the skills and attitude necessary for a more competitive game of baseball. Regular Major League rules are used. The diamond is now 80 feet. Emphasis is placed not only on individual skill development, but, also on team strategies. Players will adjust to larger fields, stronger defenses, and more experienced pitchers and are motivated by their eagerness to play baseball.  Pony Championship Game will be played at Slammers Stadium in Joliet!
The Colt Division is for players that must be a registered High School Freshman or Sophmore in the term ending in May not to exceed 18 years as of 4/30/2023. The Colt Division is a competitive division played on a Major League sized field.
The Palomino Division is for players that must be a registered High School Junior or Senior in the term ending in May not to exceed 19 years as of 4/30/2023. The Palomino Division is a competitive division played on a Major League sized field.   
If you are interested in Collegiate Eagles, please contact Scott Kendrick at 



by posted 11/15/2022
Shetland - Pony Bat Regulations

Bats - All Bats must be certified with a USA Bat Stamp per Pony Rules

  • Barrel Size: 2 ¼” and 2 5/8” barrel bats are OK. 2 -3/4” barrel is NOT allowed.
  • BBCOR Stamp: If a bat is -3 it must be BBCOR certified (does not require the USA Bat Stamp) – This is per Pony Rule 8.C.2 and 8.C.3, 2018 rulebook.
  • Legal Bats - USA stamped, BBCOR stamped and wood bats
  • Bats with the USSSA stamp or BPF 1.15 are NOT allowed

Official Pony Rulebook:


by posted 03/17/2022
Be a Sponsor!

Welcome to another exciting year of Frankfort Baseball!

From everyone on the Board, I would like to thank you for your support of one of our community’s finest organization. Frankfort Baseball is a self-funded, not-for-profit organization providing nearly 1,000 youths 5-18 years old the opportunity to play baseball, make friends, and learn sportsmanship.Click here to view our offering on some new sponsorship opportunities 

Karrie Cummings - Director of Sponsorship/Fundraising

by posted 02/14/2021
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Commissioners Park - C6 - Frankfort TBD (3/24) 
Main Park - B - Frankfort TBD (3/24) 
Main Park - D - Frankfort TBD (3/24) 
Main Park - E - Frankfort TBD (3/24) 
Sandalwood North - Frankfort OPEN (3/24) 
Sandalwood South - Frankfort OPEN (3/24) 
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