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Volunteer Opportunities


Opportunities are available to earn your volunteer refund.

Click here to sign up for one or more of these events and complete your volunteer duty! You must get an email confirmation to be successfully signed up for a volunteer opportunity. Please only click once on the assign tab otherwise you can remove yourself if you click twice. 

Click here to bring this Volunteer Deposit Redemption Card with you to get signed in order to get your refund! No card, no refund. 

If you go to the page and it is empty, all of the volunteer spots have been filled unless someone cancels.

by posted 05/26/2023
2023 Spring Classic Champions

Congratulations to all Division Champions!

Thank you to all Teams, Families and especially our Volunteers
for making the tournament a succes!

Click here to view the schedule, scores, standings

If you are interested in our 2024 Tournament,
please contact Brian Cary - Tournament Director at


9u NWI Bombsquad<br>

by posted 05/21/2023
Shetland - Pony Bat Regulations

Bats - All Bats must be certified with a USA Bat Stamp per Pony Rules

  • Barrel Size: 2 ¼” and 2 5/8” barrel bats are OK. 2 -3/4” barrel is NOT allowed.
  • BBCOR Stamp: If a bat is -3 it must be BBCOR certified (does not require the USA Bat Stamp) – This is per Pony Rule 8.C.2 and 8.C.3, 2018 rulebook.
  • Legal Bats - USA stamped, BBCOR stamped and wood bats
  • Bats with the USSSA stamp or BPF 1.15 are NOT allowed

Official Pony Rulebook:


by posted 03/17/2022
Be a Sponsor!

Welcome to another exciting year of Frankfort Baseball!

From everyone on the Board, I would like to thank you for your support of one of our community’s finest organization. Frankfort Baseball is a self-funded, not-for-profit organization providing nearly 1,000 youths 5-18 years old the opportunity to play baseball, make friends, and learn sportsmanship.Click here to view our offering on some new sponsorship opportunities 

Karrie Cummings - Director of Sponsorship/Fundraising

by posted 02/14/2021
Field Status
Commissioners Park - C1 - Frankfort OPEN (6/1) 
Commissioners Park - C2 - Frankfort OPEN (6/1) 
Commissioners Park - C3 - Frankfort OPEN (6/1) 
Commissioners Park - C4 - Frankfort OPEN (6/1) 
Commissioners Park - C5 - Frankfort OPEN (6/1) 
Commissioners Park - C6 - Frankfort OPEN (6/1) 
Main Park - B - Frankfort TBD (6/1) 
Main Park - C - Frankfort CLOSED (5/17) 
Main Park - D - Frankfort TBD (6/1) 
Main Park - E - Frankfort TBD (6/1) 
Sandalwood North - Frankfort OPEN (6/1) 
Sandalwood South - Frankfort OPEN (6/1) 
Sponsored By
Frankfort Baseball Address
Frankfort Baseball
P.O. Box 261
Frankfort, IL  60423