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2022 All-Star Game


Please join us as we celebrate our All Stars on Sunday, June 5th 

Main Park - 11:00am

Pinto - Field E

Mustang - Field D

Bronco - Field B

2022 All Stars
Red Team   Blue Team
Matt Thielmann Pirates   Dom Rigoni Yankees
Liam Black Pirates   Niko Reiss Yankees
Landon McCormick Cubs   Brody Schleder Nationals
Vince Vaughn Cubs   Ari Fortier Nationals
Bryce Goodwin Rockies   Shea Kimsey Angels
Ben Michau Rockies   Alex Talowski Angels
Nolan Sawatski Blue Jays   Keegan Sayles Orioles
Jack Loudon Blue Jays   Bryce Packwood Orioles
JJ Slattery Giants   Dylan Clair D-Backs
Charlie Cappetto Giants   Will Trsar D-Backs
Red Team   Blue Team
Will Holzer Pirates   Nora Novak Yankees
Nolan Peters Pirates   Zachary Schantz Yankees
Bennett Chelepis Pirates   Wyatt Packwood Yankees
Noah Atieh Pirates   Owen White Yankees
Cole Smith Giants   Aiden Black Cubs
Jackson Langys Giants   Brandon Hulford Cubs
Frankie Zamarron Giants   Frankie Rosinski Cubs
Colin Jajkowski Giants   Lake Schultz Cubs
Colton Partin Orioles   Bradley Domzal Orioles
Weston Adams Orioles   KJ Owens Orioles
Red Team   Blue Team
Aiden Lattz Purple   Xavier Darnell Orange
Jackson Keedy Purple   Daniel Dwyer Orange
Tate Littlefield Purple   Reese Hulford Orange
Kian Cagala Purple   Ben Rigoni Orange
Max Giannakas Purple   Karsen Thompson Orange
Everett Sievers Black   Landon Slattery Red
Jack Doyle Black   Lucas Ankarlo Red
Timmy Lorimer Black   Tyler Pucek Red
Brady Hersted Black   Lucas Talowski Red
Chase Travis Black   Dexter Adams Red


by posted 05/23/2022
2022 Spring Classic Champions

Congratulations to all Division Champions!

Thank you to all Teams, Families and especially our Volunteers
for making the tournament a succes!

Click here to view the schedule, scores, standings

If you are interested in our 2023 Tournament,
please contact Brian Cary - Tournament Director at


14u Champion - Mokena Blaze Birks<br>8u Champion - Tinley Park Bulldogs Black12u Champion - WS Crush Baseball9u runner up - Mokena Blaze 20319u Champion - CP Bulldogs Red10u Champion - NWI Bombsquad13u Champions - Tinley Park Bulldogs Black

by posted 05/15/2022
Collegiate Pitcher Needed
Frankfort Collegiate team looking to add a pitcher for summer season 
Preferably a college or varsity high school pitcher 
May 21 to Aug 5 
32 games in SSCBL and SWILA Collegiate leagues 
Contact:  Coach Scott - 708-560-5019

by posted 04/08/2022
Shetland - Pony Bat Regulations

Bats - All Bats must be certified with a USA Bat Stamp per Pony Rules

  • Barrel Size: 2 ¼” and 2 5/8” barrel bats are OK. 2 -3/4” barrel is NOT allowed.
  • BBCOR Stamp: If a bat is -3 it must be BBCOR certified (does not require the USA Bat Stamp) – This is per Pony Rule 8.C.2 and 8.C.3, 2018 rulebook.
  • Legal Bats - USA stamped, BBCOR stamped and wood bats
  • Bats with the USSSA stamp or BPF 1.15 are NOT allowed

Official Pony Rulebook:


by posted 03/17/2022
Be a Sponsor!

Welcome to another exciting year of Frankfort Baseball!

From everyone on the Board, I would like to thank you for your support of one of our community’s finest organization. Frankfort Baseball is a self-funded, not-for-profit organization providing nearly 1,000 youths 5-18 years old the opportunity to play baseball, make friends, and learn sportsmanship.Click here to view our offering on some new sponsorship opportunities 

Karrie Cummings - Director of Sponsorship/Fundraising

by posted 02/14/2021
Amazon Smile

We have a wonderful opportunity for our Frankfort Baseball Organization to receive charitable donations from AmazonSmile this year. 

AmazonSmile is a simple way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. AmazonSmile is available at smile.amazon.com on your web browser and can be activated in the Amazon Shopping app for iOS and Android phones. When you shop at AmazonSmile, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as Amazon.com, with the added benefit that AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to the charitable organization of your choice.

To shop at AmazonSmile simply go to smile.amazon.com on your web browser or activate AmazonSmile on your Amazon Shopping app on your iOS or Android phone (found under settings on your app). On your browser, you may also want to add a bookmark to smile.amazon.com to make it even easier to return and start your shopping at AmazonSmile. When you’re using the app, always check for the “AmazonSmile” logo to ensure you’re activated for AmazonSmile. Once your account is activated, be sure to choose your charity (Frankfort Baseball Inc). That's it!

With Amazon Prime days starting tomorrow and the holidays quickly approaching, we hope that this will be a beneficial way to support our organization.   

Thank you for your Support!

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Support Frankfort Baseball!

Support Frankfort Baseball by making a donation or shopping online - we will earn cash with every purchase!  This is an amazing fundraising tool for our organization. Through the generosity of FlipGive, family and friends across the country had the opportunity to support us by donating directly or shopping through FlipGive. There are some very innovative and unique companies in the FlipGive family that provided special gifts and help our organization at the same time.

Help us reach our fundraising goal by shopping through FlipGive!

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To support our fundraising campaign:

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Field Status
Borg Warner - Frankfort CLOSED (5/28) 
Commissioners Park - C1 - Frankfort CLOSED (5/28) 
Commissioners Park - C3 - Frankfort CLOSED (5/28) 
Commissioners Park - C4 - Frankfort CLOSED (5/28) 
Commissioners Park - C5 - Frankfort OPEN (5/28) 
Commissioners Park - C6 - Frankfort OPEN (5/28) 
Main Park - B - Frankfort CLOSED (5/28) 
Main Park - D - Frankfort CLOSED (5/28) 
Main Park - E - Frankfort CLOSED (5/28) 
Sandalwood North - Frankfort OPEN (5/28) 
Sandalwood South - Frankfort OPEN (5/28) 
Sponsored By
Frankfort Baseball Address
Frankfort Baseball
P.O. Box 261
Frankfort, IL  60423