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2017 All Stars


American League   National League
Henry Bohms Angels   Josh Baud Brewers
Cayden Burgess Angels   Sean Borden Brewers
Will Noble Angels   Gabe Guajardo Brewers
Ciaran Burgess - Coach Angels   Frank Guajardo - Coach Brewers
Dean Burns A's   Austen  Gillhouse Cubs
Joey Clementi A's   Ransom Goodwin Cubs
Jack Murphy A's   Julian Yanong Cubs
Scott Hersted - Coach A's   Eric  Gillhouse - Manager Cubs
Colin Bessette Indians   Kayden Errico Pirates
Nicky Doornkat Indians   Cole Rimsnider Pirates
Colton Woodward Indians   Travis Kolesar Pirates
Andy Bessette - Manager Indians   Alex Kolesar - Coach Pirates
Landon Kelly White Sox   Nate Klimek Rockies
Paul Scott White Sox   Frankie Nove Rockies
Ben  Rigoni White Sox   Trey Slager Rockies
James Scott - Coach White Sox   Tom Slager - Coach Rockies
American League   National League
Nathan Smith Angels   Rocco  Triolo Angels
Justus Haberkorn Angels   Drew Harper Angels
Brendan Rempart A's   Abdullah Khatib A's
Jack Zuccato Brewers   JC Erickson A's
Collin Usher Brewers   Liam Gallagher Brewers
Michael Simonetti Cubs   Zack Zajac Brewers
Eden Evars Cubs   Sean Powers Cubs
Johnathan Skopek Indians   Will Best Cubs
Luke Shannon Indians   Jerry Donnelly Indians
Connor Travis Rockies   Karson Kuzliki Indians
Vejas Solinuas Rockies   Mason Kristin Rockies
Jacob Nelson White Sox   Tyler Pucek-Blanke Rockies
Antonio Owens White Sox   Nate Reiss White Sox


Blue Team   Red Team
Finnegan Warner Angels   Tony Flories – Coach Angels
Logan Kessling Angels   Anthony Flories Angels
Joey Kwilose A's   Finneran Hughes Angels
Logan Bultinck A's   Jeff Kwilose - Coach A's
Scott Cummings - Coach Brewers   Kasey VanHootegem A's
Ben Simpson Brewers   Korey Cagnolatti A's
Jackson Cummings Brewers   Dino Manous Brewers
Joe  Schley - Coach Cubs   Owen Valerius Brewers
Liam Tracey Cubs   Cole Templin Cubs
MJ  Schley Cubs   Luke Riechers Cubs
Owen Britt Indians   Brent Mitcham - Coach Indians
Warren Yanong Indians   Bralen Mitcham Indians
Andy Clemmons-Coach Rockies   Madan Sundaram Indians
Austin Cavanaugh Rockies   Ben Bessette Rockies
Colin Keener Rockies   Jack Glennon Rockies
Paul Greenawalt - Coach White Sox   Joaquin Garcia White Sox
Gunnar Thormeyer White Sox   Matt Benn White Sox
Landon Greenawalt White Sox        
American League   National League
Drew Arnold Angels   Zac Welker Cubs
Bobby Hahn Angels   Charlie Zdanek Cubs
Max Bacon Angels   Declan Paschen Cubs
Nate Gaines Angels   Tyler Skrzynski Cubs
Sean Durkin Angels   Chris Pagliarulo Cubs
Ethan  Jedlowski Indians   George Kekatos Rockies
Kyle Staack Indians   Cash Ferrie Rockies
Luke Frazier Indians   Jimmy Curtin Rockies
Sean Toolis Indians   Colin Jungles Rockies
Will Pangallo Indians   Nicholas Wszolek Rockies
Tommy O'Brien White Sox        
Michael O'Brien White Sox        
Owen Burns White Sox        
Liam Shannon White Sox        
Alan  Ulcigrai White Sox