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American League    National League
Zachary Biggs Red Sox Player   Mike Wyatt Brewers Manager
Camden Smith Red Sox Player   Timothy Lorimer Brewers Player
Cooper Whitman Red Sox Player   Tony Martinez Brewers Player
Dexter Adams Rockies Player   Ryan Scaletta Brewers Player
Jaxen Wilson Rockies Player   Mikey Wyatt Brewers Player
Ron Danno White Sox Manager   Drew Banas Cubs Coach
Ron Danno White Sox Player   Joseph Banas Cubs Player
Ronan Hughes White Sox Player   Trevor Brouwer Cubs Player
Davis Korbel White Sox Player   Oliver Lavin Cubs Player
Devin Prising White Sox Player   Michael Phillips Cubs Player
Casey Watson White Sox Player   John Keener Rockies Coach
          Nathan Freeland Rockies Player
          Jackson Keener Rockies Player
American League   National League
Elias Facuse Astros Coach   Dave Agema Brewers Manager
Matthew De La Mora Astros Player   Jack Agema Brewers Player
Elias Facuse Astros Player   Brendan Roach Brewers Player
Nash Whitman Astros Player   Ethan Udelhofen Brewers Player
Vince Riechers Red Sox Coach   Sam Dendrinos Cardinals Coach
Aiden Lattz Red Sox Player   Andrew Dendrinos Cardinals Player
Chase Riechers Red Sox Player   Reese Hulford Cardinals Player
Julian Yanong Red Sox Player   Karson Kuzlik Cardinals Player
Kurt Kristin Royal Coach   Brad Sievers Cubs Coach
Joey Clementi Royals Player   Vaugh Fries Cubs Player
Conrad Hogan Royals Player   Justus Haberkorn Cubs Player
Jack Spruill Royals Player   Jonas Haberkorn Cubs Player
Kyle Owens White Sox Manager   Everett Sievers Cubs Player
Jeremy Bogner White Sox Player   Greg Flores Rockies Coach
Antonio Owens White Sox Player   Tyler Blanke-Pueck Rockies Player
Lorenzo Ulcigrai White Sox Player   Jerry Donnelly Rockies Player
          Henry Phillips Rockies Player
Frankfort   Mokena
Brad Baker Cubs Coach          
Wyatt Baker Cubs Player          
Jackson Cummings Cubs Player          
Joey Kwilose Cubs Player          
Michael Vargo Cubs Player          
Barry  Glancy Red Sox Coach          
Declan Glancy Red Sox Player          
Luke Reichers Red Sox Player          
Owen Valerius Red Sox Player          
Max Vrobel Red Sox Player          
Andy Clemmons White Sox Coach          
Zachary Ankarlo White Sox Player          
Gavin Baar White Sox Player          
Colin Keener White Sox Player          
Brennen Levy White Sox Player