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Please join us as we celebrate our
All Stars on Sunday, June 14th 

Commissioners Park

3:45 p.m. National Anthem and Introduction of Players
4:00 p.m. 7 year old game on C2
4:00 p.m. 9 &10 year old game on C4
6:45 p.m. National Anthem and Introduction of Players
7:00 p.m. 8 year old game on C2
7:00 p.m. 11-12 year old game on C3

Full Concessions will be available


Click here to download the 2015 All Star list

2015 All Stars
American League     National League  
Bryson Das A's   Austin Assink Cubs
John Stoiber - Coach A's   Ben Bessette Cubs
Nate Jackson A's   Chase Pitula Cubs
Patrick Leone A's   Gage LaDere Cubs
TJ Stoiber A's   Joel Tosi - Coach Cubs
Cole Shelton Red Sox   Brandon Zielke Marlins
Josh Hellrung Red Sox   Dave Low - Manager Marlins
Keegan Cook Red Sox   Jacob Baud Marlins
Matt Connors Red Sox   Jake Degroot Marlins
Mike Connors - Manager Red Sox   Matthew Muehlnickel Marlins
Jeff Kwilose - Coach White Sox   Adam Ristich Phillies
Joey Kwilose White Sox   Dale Kalman - Coach Phillies
Joey Levy White Sox   Jackson Bremmer Phillies
Langdon Oldenburg White Sox   Noah Kalman Phillies
Nate Pangallo White Sox   Will Schlinger Phillies
American League     National League  
Jake Carrier A's        
Quinn Borden A's   Connor Brewer Cubs
Ian Hickling A's   Austin Cavanaugh Cubs
Keagan Ruane A's   Tyler Groen Cubs
Finnegan Warner A's   Owen Ransford Cubs
Anthony Flories Red Sox   Nolan Bickett Marlins
Daniel O'Connor Red Sox   Jake Glennon Marlins
Cole Templin Red Sox   Michael Leese Marlins
Isaac Vroom Red Sox   Leonzo Trevino Marlins
Andrew Basile White Sox   Caden Klene Phillies
Jack Gritzenbach White Sox   Quinn Paris Phillies
Michael Lee White Sox   MJ Schley Phillies
Dave Lee - Manager White Sox   Joe Schley - Manager Phillies
John Mitchell White Sox   Aaron Scott Phillies
American League     National League  
Giovanni Gonzalez A;s   Kyle Erick Braves
Tyler Skrzynski A;s   Cash Ferrie Braves
John Thomas A;s   Zac Welker  Braves
Lincoln Habercorn Mariners   Nate Bremmer Cubs
Josh Lublow Mariners   Andy Draus Cubs
Ryan Paris Mariners   Luke Gesswein Cubs
Rudy Gnade Red Sox   Blake Binkowski Marlins
Michael O'Brien Red Sox   Bobby Hahn Marlins
Tommy O'Brien Red Sox   Ethan Jedlowski Marlins
Sean Durkin Royals   George Kekatos Mets
Conner Durkin Royals   Brandon Szott Mets
Davione Lockette Royals   Timmy Zielke Mets
Mark Basile White Sox   Joey Glennon Phillies
David Costa White Sox   Declan Hurley Phillies
Justin Falejczyk White Sox   Alan Ulcigrai Phillies
American League     National League  
Matthew DeCero As   James Ferneau Cubs
Matthew  McCauley As   Ben James Cubs
Luke Pomes As   Charlie Scheerer Cubs
Jack Wszolek As   Charles Tucker Cubs
Grant Bruninga Red Sox   Josh Boylan Marlins
Robert Clark Red Sox   Eamon Paschen Marlins
Kevin Daly Red Sox   Aiden Trainor Marlins
Tyler Panozzo Red Sox   Zach Enguita Phillies
Joseph Panozzo - Manager Red Sox   Ryan Jach Phillies
Cooper Cunningham White Sox   David  Jach - Manager Phillies
Ethan Mills White Sox   Daivd Joyce Phillies
Andrew Miritello White Sox   Johnathan Strzelczyk Phillies
Jack Murphy White Sox   Max Tomczak Phillies