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Please join us as we celebrate our All Stars on Sunday, June 19th 

Commissioners Park

3:45 p.m. National Anthem and Introduction of Players
4:00 p.m. 7 year old game on C2
4:00 p.m. 9 &10 year old game on C4
6:45 p.m. National Anthem and Introduction of Players
7:00 p.m. 8 year old game on C2
7:00 p.m. 11-12 year old game on C3

Full Concessions will be available

Click here to download the 2016 All Star list


2016 All Stars
American League   National League
Weston Ruzich Astros   Johnny Cuillen Cardinals
Jimmy Hellrung Astros   Chase Riechers Cardinals
Vejas Soliunas Astros   Michael Simonetti Cardinals
Robert Ruzich - Coach Astros   Mark Simonetti - Coach Cardinals
Colin O'Connor Rangers   Aaron Stauffacher Cubs
Jonathan Skopek Rangers   Joey Peltx Cubs
Nolan Regas Rangers   Jackson Hunniford Cubs
Kevin Regas - Coach Rangers   Michael Hunniford - Coach Cubs
Mike Sambo White Sox   Rocco Triolo Dodgers
Nathan Reiss White Sox   Zach Westerberg Dodgers
Liam Gallagher White Sox   Grady Bickett Dodgers
Anthony Sambo - Coach White Sox   Greg Westerberg - Coach Dodgers
Ronan Treacy Yankees   Cooper Johnson Giants
Jimmy Kramer Yankees   Cameron Klene Giants
Justus Haberkorn Yankees   Evan Riiff Giants
Greg Metschke - Coach Yankees   Paul Johnson - Coach Giants
American League   National League
Andy Bessette - Manager Rangers   Jeff Polomsky - Coach Cardinals
Matthew Muehlnickel Rangers   Langdon Oldenburg Cardinals
Owen Askren Rangers   Danny Erick Cardinals
Joey Levy Rangers   Evan Polomsky Cardinals
Ben Bessette Rangers   Mike Connors - Manager Cubs
Matt Harper - Coach White Sox   John Hellrung Cubs
Tommy Gouwens White Sox   Jake Degroot Cubs
Aiden Jedlowski White Sox   Gavin Gonzalez Cubs
Patrick Leone White Sox   Matt Benn Cubs
Mac McGuire - Coach Yankees   Joel Tosi - Coach Dodgers
Austin Assink Yankees   Jake Newman Dodgers
Will Bausa Yankees   Brandon Zielke Dodgers
Jake Otsby Yankees   Nate Pangallo Dodgers
Max  McGuire Yankees        
American League   National League
Zac Welker Giants   Nate Gaines Astros
Joey Hearn Giants   Kyle Arnold Astros
John Peccia Giants   Andrw Arnold Astros
Steve Welker - Coach Giants   Steve Arnold - Coach Astros
Brandon Szott Rangers   Justin Falejczyk Cardinals
Michael O'Brien Rangers   Declan Paschen Cardinals
Tommy O'Brien Rangers   Ryan Janowski Cardinals
Mike O'Brien - Coach Rangers   Sam Janowski Cardinals
Andrew Basie White Sox   Eojn Kenny Cubs
Drew Clarkin White Sox   Kyle White Cubs
Will Pangallo White Sox   Aiden White Cubs
Chris Pagliarulo White Sox   Isaac Vroom Dodgers
Bill  Clarkin - Coach White Sox   Kyle Frazier Dodgers
Michael  Maharas Yankees   Zach Miller Dodgers
Connor Brewer Yankees   Craig Miller Dodgers
Cash  Ferrer Yankees        
Blue Allstars     Red Allstars  
Patrick Jungles Cards   Giovanii Gonzalez Cards
Johnny Ruppel Cards   George Kekatos Cards
Eddie Trauscht Cards   Shane Romberg Cubs
Tim Trauscht - Coach Coach   Henry Slager Cubs
Kevin Daly Cubs   Jimmy Curtin Dodgers
Lincoln Haberkorn Cubs   David Joyce Dodgers
Adam Paul Dodgers   Josh Boylan White Sox
Jack Wills Dodgers   Tyler Skrzynski White Sox
Jimmy Ferneau White Sox   Declan  Crowley Yankees
Tyler Panozzo White Sox   Andrew Miritello Yankees
Joe Panozzo - Manager White Sox   Phil Miritello - Manager Yankees
John Strzelczyck White Sox   Alan Ulcigrai Yankees
Joey  Glennon Yankees   Al Ulcigrai - Coach Yankees
Ben Malcolm Yankees