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Please join us as we celebrate our
All Stars on Sunday, June 22nd 

Commissioners Park

3:45 p.m. National Anthem and Introduction of Players
4:00 p.m. 7 year old game on C2
4:00 p.m. 11 year old game on C3
6:45 p.m. National Anthem and Introduction of Players
7:00 p.m. 8 year old game on C2
7:00 p.m. 9 &10 year old game on C4
7:00 p.m. 12 year old game on C3

Full Concessions will be available

Click here to download the list of 2014 All Star Players from I7, Pinto, Mustang and Bronco Leagues. 

Congratulations to the following 2014 All Stars!

I7 All Stars        
American League     National League  
Manager: Dave Lee Orioles   Manager: Jim Scott Reds
Coach: Dave Reaume White Sox   Coach: Steve Lisota Cubs
Coach: Jeff Kemerer Yankees      
Quinn Bouck A's   Ryan Lisota Cubs
Jack Bauer A's   Reece Kostro Cubs
Jake Glennon A's   Gavin Tatgenhorst Cubs
AJ Hull Orioles   Jackson Zaeske Cubs
Kasey VanHootegem Orioles   Ian Hickling Padres
Michael Lee Orioles   Michael Lanigan Padres
Jack Sexton Yankees   Evan Miller Padres
Fin Reidy Yankees   Andrew Basile Padres
Eddie Olszta Yankees   Caden Klene Reds
Everest Cercone White Sox   Gavin Kenny Reds
Josh Reaume White Sox   Aaron Scott Reds
Quinn Paris White Sox   Dylan Lemmons Reds
Pinto All Stars        
National League     American League  
Manager - John Thomas Sr     Manager - Mike Kerrigan  
Coach - Bill Clarkin     Coach - Lou Pinto  
John Thomas Cubs   Brandon Szott Yankees
Declan Hurley Cubs   Jack Hayes Yankees
Andrew Stone Cubs   Bryan O'Sullivan Yankees
Colin Jungles Cubs   Ryan Dell Yankees
Ryan Bessette Reds   Jack Kerrigan Orioles
JT Poyton Reds   Zach Beecham Orioles
Alex Collins Reds   Nates Gaines Orioles
Josh Lublow Reds   Conner Durkin Orioles
Kyle Eric Padres   Luke Slager As
Declan Pashen Padres   David Costa As
Kyle Arnold Padres   Vinnie Pinto As
Drew Clarkin Padres   Braden Tischer As
Liam Shannon White Sox   Colin Crean White Sox
Rudy Gnade White Sox   Connor Ryan White Sox
Mustang All Stars        
American League     National League  
Manager: Bill LaPonte As   Manager: James Murphy Padres
Ethan Anderson Orioles   James Ferneau Cubs
Jack Bruno Orioles   Edward Trauscht Cubs
Nick Ledvina  Orioles   Scott Robbins Cubs
Will Wiechers Yankees   Blake Binkowski Reds
Joe Glennon Yankees   Arnie Grunert Reds
Lincoln Habercorn Yankees   Cade Genet           Reds
Caleb Peterson  Yankees   Sean Durkin Padres
Charlie Scheerer White Sox   Griffen Bell Padres
Jack Marion White Sox   Sam Murphy Padres
Luke Gesswein White Sox   Michael Peltz Diamondbacks
Bill LaPonte As   Jimmy Januszewski Diamondbacks
Patrick Jungles As   Mark Basile Diamondbacks
Charlie Nevinger As   Nathan Simms Diamondbacks
Injury: George Kekatos Yankees      
Bronco All Stars        
American League - 11     National League - 11  
Manager Thomas Cumbee White Sox   Manager Jeff Willis Reds
Aiden Cumbee White Sox   Joey Amendola Reds
Aidan Trainor White Sox   Michael Joyce Reds
Max Thompson White Sox   Connor Willis Reds
Anthony Brown A's   Thomas Arcy Padres
Anthony Markowski A's   Grant Bruninga Padres
Anthony (AJ) Iadorosa A's   Matt DeCero Padres
Charlie Tucker Orioles   Cooper Cunninghan Diamondbacks
Ryan Sierocki Orioles   Jack Wszolek Diamondbacks
Patrick Rosetto Orioles   Matt McCauly Diamondbacks
Eamonn Paschen Yankees   Joe Gluch Cubs
Robert Clark Yankees   Ethan Mills Cubs
Michael Peccia Yankees   Luke Pomes Cubs
American League - 12     National League - 12  
Manager Pat Bagley White Sox   Manager Jeff Willis Reds
Aidan Bagley White Sox   Johnny Glennon Reds
Michael Clarkin White Sox   Logan Krska Reds
Vince Grunert White Sox   Ben Robbins Reds
Luke Cissell A's   Jake Leonard Padres
John Newton A's   Chris Smith Padres
Chad Ulaskas A's   Sam Cohrs Padres
Joe Tucker Orioles   Emerson Dell Diamondbacks
Aiden Antonelli Orioles   Colin Murphy Diamondbacks
Justin Lublow Orioles   Silas Habercorn Diamondbacks
Ryan Corydon Yankees   Jacob Jaber Cubs
Ryan Jach Yankees   Mia Ruiz Cubs
Anthony Panozzo Yankkes   Jeremiah Ruiz Cubs